Burley Surefire Gas Fire

Four years of design, innovation, modelling, prototyping and testing has resulted in a unique product which will reduce your heating bills, your impact on the environment, and give your family new levels of safety and assurance.

The Surefire only uses a tiny amount of gas, just 2.5kWh or around 10 pence per hour. This is the same amount of gas as the smallest ring on a gas cooker, yet it will warm your house more than an inefficient 7kW conventional gas fire. The gas is burnt through a specifically designed burner and coal bed which has been designed to glow as much as possible. This red glow is heat being taken from the burning gas and being converted to radiant heat.

Radiant heat is the warmth you feel when you sit in front of the fire, the large glass screen and the angled combustion chamber ensures this is used to its fullest advantage. Each time the fire is started from cold the glass will mist over with condensation, this is normal, water vapour is a by-product of combustion and the Surefire extracts so much heat this vapour condenses. As the fire warms up the condensation will evaporate.