Faber Opti-Virtual Single Electric Fire

The Opti-virtual® single is 69 cm wide x 24.1 cm high. It is a flexible “fire casing” that can be used your way in any room. It is like the familiar ‘plug and play’ principle, but even easier. Electricity is enough to bring Opti-virtual® fully to life. You can use it in your own home, but the fire is particularly suitable for rooms with relatively little supervision. For example busy restaurants, bars, business foyers, hotel lobbies or hotel rooms. The flame effect of the fire is true to life, but the fire does not produce any heat. The fire’s maximum consumption is 75 Watt. The technology is based on Pepper’s Ghost. A principle that shows up ghost apparitions as an illusion and is often used in major attractions, on the stage and in museums.

Type Inset fire
Type description Frameless
System (platform) Opti-Virtual®
Light module LCD/LED
Decoration Logs
Heat output N/A
Thermostat N/A
Max consumption 75 Watt
Sound module Yes
Colour effect settings Yes, clarity
Remote control/ type Yes / RF type
Colour / fireplace type Black
Art.nr./EAN 5011139204264
Categories / tags Electric fire, Electric, Inset, Horizontal, One sided (front), Optiflame®