Faber theBUZZ Outdoor Gas Fire

Mobile steel outdoor fire with a minimalist design that can run on mains gas or bottled gas. TheBUZZ is supplied with a luxury protective cover. TheBUZZ is also available in Corten steel. This steel is a metal alloy of iron, to which copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel and chrome have been added. The brown rust colour is the most typical external feature. The steel ashtray is optional.

Type Outdoor fire
Type description Three-sided, frameless model
Burner type Tube burner
Interior finish Logs
Type of back wall Smooth steel
Inset depth N/A
Glass Y
Remote control/ type N
Back-wall options Not available
Antireflective (A.R.) glass Not available
Symbio module Not available
ITC control Not available
Wall bracket N/A
Convection grills Not available
Inset depth 100 mm N/A
Adjustable feet N/A
Optional extra Outdoor gas connection
Optional extra 2 Made from Corten-steel
Protective cover Includes luxury protective cover.
Suitable for Suitable for bottled gas and mains gas
Portable Mobile
Optional extra only for black Buzz version Steel ashtray