Paragon 2000 Turbo Gas Fire

The no chimney, no flue solution.
With a power flue, everyone can enjoy an open, living flame fire

How a power flue works
If you do not have a chimney or flue but have a suitable outside wall, then a power flue fire can remove the fumes horizontally through the wall with the aid
of a fan. This gives you the beauty of a living flame fire without glass panels. Being at the forefront of gas fire technology has enabled Paragon to produce a world-beating range of ‘Turbo’ fires and with safety in mind, there’s an electronic air-flow management system to ensure correct air flow is maintained.

The power flue can be specified with a choice of trims Like all the 2000 Plus range, you can choose from a wide range of frets, trims, fire backs and fuel beds to
tailor the fire to your personal taste.