Paragon Edge CF Gas Stove

The Paragon CF Gas Stove is has been made from heavy duty, seam welded steel bodies and door, to give a strong, robust and durable design. The stoves can be fitted in Class 1, Class 2 and pre-cast flues:

Class 1 Flues:
A brick chimney (Class 1) is recognised by a chimney stack with an accompanying terracotta pot or gas terminal. Internal dimensions are usually either 9″ x 9″ square, or 8″ – 9″ round cross-section.

Class 2 Flues:
A pre-fabricated flue (Class 2) has a metal flue and terminal, the internal dimensions are usually 5″ or greater round cross section.

Pre-Cast Flues:
A pre-cast flue can be identified by a rigid vent or metal flue tube and terminal. The internal dimensions vary but most Paragon fires will operate on 1350mm or greater cross-section pre-cast flues, in good working order.

  • Highly realistic log fuel bed
  • Large panoramic window
  • Operation of the stove is controlled by a knob for ease of use
  • Adjustable feet
  • Net thermal efficiency of up to 78%
  • Manual Control