Faber Cassette 500 Electric Fire

The Cassette 500 and 1000 Opti-myst® have all the existing options (link to the options) but also an option to connect the water reservoir to a permanent water connection. Even more convenient! Ideal when you want to link up the cassettes for an impressive effect. The fire effect simply looks continuous. With the cassettes you really have the option to create any setting you like. Fires stimulate all the senses and therefore these cassettes have a sound module too. Easy to control the volume, just as simple as the rest of the operation. The LED lights in the logs produce a wonderful glow, making it look like the logs actually do glow. Furthermore, LED is known for its long lifespan and low energy consumption.

Type Inset fire
Type description 3-sided model
System (platform) Opti-myst®
Light module LED
Decoration Logs
Heat output N/A
Thermostat N/A
Max consumption 450 Watt
Sound module Yes
Colour effect settings No
Remote control/ type Yes / Bluetooth
Colour / fireplace type Black
Art.nr./EAN 5011139205834
Comments Can be connected together/connected to the water mains
Categories / tags Electric fire, Electric, Inset, Horizontal, One sided (front), Optiflame®