How do bookmakers set odds for an event? When calculating the line, many criteria and indicators are taken into account, but the statistics of teams and players play one of the most important roles here. This is where the important advantage of betting on e-sports follows.

On the professional eSports scene, only a few teams retain their roster for at least one year. Here and there, new mixes of players who have lost teams appear. Young players make their way to semi-professional leagues and qualifications for major tournaments, where sometimes more experienced esports players find them and form new teams. This constant stream of newbies makes it simply impossible for bookmakers to collect statistics. But you can find the most current data on

Very often the odds for favorites against such “new” teams are in the region of 1.2. Meanwhile, the newly assembled teams of young guys, having arrived at the tournament, light up at the sight of a huge audience and the scale of what is happening and show simply incredible results.

Unexpected results are not only due to the inspiration of new teams and the difficulties in collecting statistics. The fact is that Dota 2 and CS: GO are difficult not only for the player, but also for the developer. There are always undisclosed strategies, imbalances in the game, which are trying to be removed with patches, that is, changes in the game mechanics. Constant updates are another reason why “newcomers” teams quite often take, if not the first, then at least prizes, beating those who were considered the clear favorites.

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