Electric stoves provide a simple way to add a warming, ambient feature in you home without the need of a flue. Many models of electric stoves utilise the same outer casing as their equivalent wood burning or multi-fuel counterparts giving an authentic feel with the added bonus of having just the realistic flames without the need to use the heater. Easy installation means simply place into position and plug in!

Inset stoves are built in appliances that just have the front face of the stove on show. The main stove body is inset into a fireplace opening or a newly constructed opening in the wall. Inset stoves are available as dedicated wood burning or multi-fuel models are designed to be fitted at floor level on a suitable hearth. Inset stoves are a popular replacement to an open fire as they offer improved efficiency and controllability.

In addition to wood, a multi-fuel stove gives you the option of burning a variety of fuels subject to manufacturers recommendations. These normally include smokeless fuels, anthracite and peat briquettes. This is possible by the inclusion of a raised grate and ashpan and Unlike wood burning stoves, the fuel bed needs to be de-ashed to create optimum combustion and efficient burning.

If you’re looking for something different, take a look at our fabulous range of freestanding Stoves. Available in a variety of deep, gloss finishes including cream, blue and brown, enamel is a thin coating of coloured glass which is fired on to a metal surface. To achieve its translucent and lustrous finish, each casting is especially designed for enamelling and is coated and fired twice.

Wall mounted stoves tend to have more unique designs and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. People like them because the floor space is left clear helping to make a room feel larger.

A dedicated wood burning stove burns the fuel on a flat surface inside the stove and operates more efficiently when the fuel is burnt on a bed of ash. A popular fact about wood burning stoves is their environmental benefits and heating capability. With a vast range of designs to choose from from traditional ‘black boxes’ to contemporary European designs, it’s easy to find a wood burner that’s perfect for your lifestyle.

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